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  • Salt, Pepper, Rocky and Coco

    Would you like to sponsor Salt, Pepper, Rocky and Coco?

    Raccoons Procyon lotor                    

    Refuge currently houses four racconns. All of these raccoons were born in captivity. Salt and Pepper were born in 2010 and in 2012 Rocky has found a home at the Refuge. Coco was a kit when she came to us in 2015.

    Raccoons are native to most of the USA and Southern Canada and in some states are considered a pest. They are mainly found around streams, open forests and are becoming increasingly common in urban areas. They make their homes in other animals’ burrows and also use empty roof spaces in urban areas. They eat a variety of wild foods and are omnivorous. Raccoons are mainly active at night and are very good climbers, they can also swim reasonably well when required. Raccoons are very dextrous (they use their hands extremely well and these are also one of their main senses). Some people believe that raccoons wash their food as they spend an enormous amount of their feeding time with their food actually in the water.

    They are very intelligent with studies showing they are able to remember the solution to tasks up to 3 years later.

    In captivity it is very important to provide them with a varied and nutritional diet, an interesting enclosure and different daily environmental enrichment. Captive raccoons have been known to live over 20 years, whereas in the wild they are lucky to get to 3 yrs as many become the victims of hunting and road accidents.

    Raccoons do not make good pets as they are very mischievous and can also be aggressive.    

    Did you know that baby raccoons are called kits. Their striped facial masks are also the theme in mythology of several Native American tribes.