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  • Buster and Betty

    Capuchin Monkeys
    Would you like to sponsor Buster and Betty?

    Capuchin Monkey Cebus appella - Buster & Betty


    Buster was bought with 3 siblings by an elderly couple that had clearly underestimated the commitment it would take to care for them and they just wanted to fulfil a lifelong dream of owning a monkey. All of Buster’s siblings subsequently died and the couple realised they had made a mistake. We were then approached by the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) to see if we could help out, and we were happy to do so.


    Betty was in a large group of capuchins and was being bullied, it was evident that if she was not separated from the group she would come to serious harm. With no spare room for her there she had to be re-homed quickly, the IPPL (who advise and actively check the conditions of primates all over the world) were on hand again to find her a new home with us.


    Betty and Buster got along great as soon as they were introduced, even though when Buster put his arm round Betty for the first time  she then hit him on the head with an orange!    

    We are really pleased to see a great level of continuous improvement in these monkeys since coming to the EPR, even though Buster has to sometimes remember about sharing their food treats.


    Capuchins, being amongst the most intelligent of primates are very aware of their surroundings, and indeed themselves, in tests when they have been shown their reflection in a mirror, are fully aware that it is them and not another monkey and in fact will pose and preen in front of it, in a very similar way to humans.

    Our capuchins also have very fast reactions and will quickly catch any unlucky insects etc that strays into their enclosure, it is usually the last thing they ever do.