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    Capuchin Monkey
    Would you like to sponsor Casey?

    Capuchin Monkey Cebus apellaCasey


    Casey was hand-reared as a pet and raised as you and I would raise a child, due to this you may notice that she has strange habits and behaviours. In the wild young monkeys learn how to behave and communicate by observing the adults in their troop, for example smiling or baring their teeth is a sign of aggression. Sadly Casey learnt that from being in a human home that smiling is way to appease others; however this meant that the many attempts to reintegrate her with her own kind were unsuccessful untill summer 2016 when she made a friend in our capuchin Adam and from then on they have been sharing their enclosure.       


    Capuchins are tree dwellers that live in low-lying rainforests in central and Southern America; they are to be found from Costa Rica to Paraguay and Trinidad.  These intelligent and clever monkeys use tools such as stones to crack open nuts etc. Their ability to be easily trained gave rise to their exploitation; many think that capuchins would make a ‘good pet’ however they are destructive with a volatile temperament as they reach adulthood.  They were named by explorers after their resemblance to an order of Catholic friars, the order of Friars Minor Capuchin.

    They can weigh up to two and half pounds as adults and consume a varied diet including fruit, nuts, seeds, insects, spiders and small mammals, and can live for up to 45 years in captivity.   

    Capuchins are very sociable and enjoy playing and grooming each. other.