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  • Harry

    Spider Monkey
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    Spider Monkey Simia paniscus – Harry


    Harry came to the refuge in 1999 as the sanctuary where he was living was closing down, he was originally from the pet trade and there would of have no future for Harry had we not of taken him in.

    Harry came to us with his tail missing, we do not know how he came to lose it, this does not however disable him in any way, as he has always been and remains agile and boisterous. Sadly Harry lost his mate in 2008 and cannot be housed with the other spider monkeys as both he and Pepe are now mature males and would therefore not mix and they could seriously injure one another.


    Spider monkeys originate from South America and are found high in the canopy of the rainforest, they spend most of their day foraging for food and rarely come to the ground in the wild, they feed on a range of fruits and nuts, as well as birds eggs and are very agile when moving through the trees using various vocalisations within the group when finding good feeding sites.


    The Spider monkey has the most developed prehensile tail of all mammals and uses it as a fifth limb to grasp branches for food. The tail can support the whole weight of the monkey when it hangs down on a tree branch. Sadly people often hunt them for their food, and the monkeys are agitated by human contact. Logging and deforestation also continue to shrink their natural habitat. There are various species of spider monkeys and they are classified from vulnerable to critically endangered.


    Did you know that spider monkeys can maintain a powerful grip on branches even though they have no thumbs, they do also eat spiders!