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    Capuchin Monkeys
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    Capuchin Monkey Cebus appella - Moth & Merlin

    Merlin came to us at a very early age, she was one of the first monkeys to arrive at the EPR. Merlin was kept as a pet and the owner then realised that they could not cope any more and asked for our help. Merlin was originally a male capuchin but a very rare genetic imbalance called haemphroditism has subsequently enabled her to breed and effectively become a female monkey, and she had a baby who is Adam. Of course, all of this was a very big surprise to everyone looking after her, she was also not able to look after her baby as she had no mothering instincts, so abandoned him after giving birth. Pam subsequently raised Adam and when he sees her will usually want her attention and fuss, remembering it from his time as an infant and her care for him. 

    Moth was born at the EPR by accident, we had been told that his father, Galen had been castrated but this turned out not to be the case as he and Butterfly got together and then had baby Moth!

    Moth was raised completely by his mother who passed away some years ago now. Moth has a very rebellious nature and will scoop up stones in his enclosure, take a run and then throw them at whoever is standing near him – he has a good aim as well. He also holds his hands out when you are near as he loves his food and thinks he should get all of the treats and that he takes priority over everyone else. Poor Merlin has to be quick and we have to keep Moth distracted – usually by giving him plenty to keep him occupied to ensure she also enjoys the enrichment as well.    

    Moth and Merlin do love grooming each other, sitting and laying on their platform also keeping an eye on what is going on and when the food part is done Moth is a very good buddy to Merlin and cares about her.