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    Tantalus Monkey
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    Tantalus Monkey Chlorocebus tantalus – Mr Tan


    Mr Tan was re-homed here when his elderly owner could no longer look after him due to the time, money and dedication it takes to care for an exotic species. Mr Tan had been kept as a pet without ever seeing another monkey. When he first arrived here he was very interested in the other monkeys and soon made friends with an elderly female monkey called Kerry. Before too long it was evident that the two wanted to be together and so we moved Mr Tan in with Kerry.

     After that they were then inseparable, it was also so nice to see two old monkeys that up until then had only had human company bond and groom each other. Sadly Kerry then passed away from old age; we like to think that for her final years she learnt to be a monkey and helped Mr Tan too.


    Tantalus are an Old World monkey found to the East of the Volta River system in Ghana, Sudan, and the Lake Turkana district in Kenya.

    The population is stable and in fact possibly increasing due to forest clearance providing a more suitable habit for the species. They are present in savannah grassland, open woodland and forest-grassland mosaic especially close to rivers. They are extremely adaptable and can be found in both rural and urban environments.


    Tantalus monkeys have cheek pouches to store their food, they have 32 teeth and their diet mainly consists of fruit, grass, leaves, spiders and insects. They can live up to the age of 45 in captivity.

    Did you know that all monkeys see in colour.