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  • Animal Arrivals April - October 2012:

    Baby Skunk, Palm Civet called Barry, Ferret, baby Fruit Bat, many Hedgehogs (released), 2 baby Polecat Ferrets

    3 Cockatiels, 3 Budgies, 5 Ring-necked Parakeets, Doves and Pigeons (released), Wild Birds & Ducklings (released)

    2 Leopard Tortoises, 3 Map Turtles, Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle, 2 Bearded Dragons, Iguana, Tortoise, Terrapin, 3 Corn Snakes, Leopard Gecko, many Aquatic Snails

    Red-tailed Hawk, 2 African Spotted Owl Crosses (with Asian Eagle Owl), 3 Barn Owls, Kestrel


    New Arrivals - February and March 2012

    3 Skunks

    3 Raccoons

    a Silver Fox

    3 baby Squirrels, an adult Grey Squirrel

    a Yellow-bellied Terrapin, an young Green Iguana and a Plated Lizard

    a Kookaburra, a Little Owl, a Sparrow Hawk, a Buzzard and a Duck

    Open Day 8th April 2012!

    Visit us this Sunday on our 1st Open Day of the year! We have over 300 animals to see, a tombola, refreshments, an Easter Egg Hunt etc. You can also book a private professional photography visit with our photographer Dave from Periscope Photography, follow the link bellow: