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  • It's our Open Day today!

    Animal arrivals from November to February:

    November: micro pigs, a rabbit, a chipmunk, a ferret, a royal python, an Asian gecko, and an ocellated skink

    December: two bearded dragons (one with metabolic disease, the other malnourished), a small tortoise (found, was buried from last August) and a golden plover (with shot wing), another bearded dragon, 2 leopard geckos and a barn owl (released)

    January 2012: a bearded dragon, a baby boa, a baby cornsnake, an African grey parrot, an yellow crested cockatoo, a dove, a little owl, barn owl (released) and tawny owl (released) 

    February 2012 (so far): a swan (released), a blackbird, a small bearded dragon, a dove and a small deformed tortoise

    Welcome to the new Exotic Pet Refuge website!

    Hi everyone - I'm Paul from Croft Media, and between my colleague Greg and I have been working hard building the Exotic Pet Refuge a brand new website!

    We've introduced some great new features - but best of all the staff at the Refuge now maintain this website; so expect to see it updated a lot lot more!

    We would love to hear what you think of the site - you can comment on this entry at the bottom. In the meantime, check out our animals page, flick through the calendar and like us on Facebook! Thanks for stopping by!

    EPR now has a YouTube Channel!

    Follow the link below and take a look on some of the videos of our animals in action: