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  • THANKS to

    • Alan Parker Flooring for helping us with our new Monkey Kitchen!
    • everyone who attended the Charity Race Night at the Bourne Corn Exchange, over ₤300 was raised!
    • THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Christmas Fayre. Over ₤900 was raised!
    • Kestrel Timber Frame for donating a flat to the Refuge!
    • Animal Friends Insurance company and  to all our supporters who voted for us at Feel Good Park on Facebook! We have received ₤1,500! 

    And Big Congratulations to Sandy Fox, our chief fundraiser, for raising over ₤14,500 for the refuge throughout the year 2011! THANK YOU Sandy from all of the animals and everyone at EPR. Follow the link bellow for Sandy's story:


    Animal arrivals from November to February:

    November: micro pigs, a rabbit, a chipmunk, a ferret, a royal python, an Asian gecko, and an ocellated skink

    December: two bearded dragons (one with metabolic disease, the other malnourished), a small tortoise (found, was buried from last August) and a golden plover (with shot wing), another bearded dragon, 2 leopard geckos and a barn owl (released)

    January 2012: a bearded dragon, a baby boa, a baby cornsnake, an African grey parrot, an yellow crested cockatoo, a dove, a little owl, barn owl (released) and tawny owl (released) 

    February 2012 (so far): a swan (released), a blackbird, a small bearded dragon, a dove and a small deformed tortoise

    Welcome to the new Exotic Pet Refuge website!

    Hi everyone - I'm Paul from Croft Media, and between my colleague Greg and I have been working hard building the Exotic Pet Refuge a brand new website!

    We've introduced some great new features - but best of all the staff at the Refuge now maintain this website; so expect to see it updated a lot lot more!

    We would love to hear what you think of the site - you can comment on this entry at the bottom. In the meantime, check out our animals page, flick through the calendar and like us on Facebook! Thanks for stopping by!