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    The Exotic Pet Refuge can only survive from help from the public - we receive no government funding, and need over £65,000 a year to survive as we are now! We are also always looking to expand so that we can care for more and more animals.

    If you feel that you would like to HELP the Refuge, then there are many ways in which you can do so:

        * VOLUNTEER - Animal Care Assistants, Administrators, Builders, Carpenters, Handymen are URGENTLY NEEDED!

         * Make a financial Donation

        * Sponsor an animal

        * Donate items listed on our Amazon Wish List on www.amazon.co.uk

        * Donate Food (e.g. tinned dog / cat food / fruit / veg, nuts, bird seed etc.)

        * Donate Building Materials (cement, sand, screws, breeze blocks etc.) or other useful items

         * Hold a Fundraising Event

         * Have a Party / Corporate Event  or a Team Building Day at the Refuge

         * Have a Birthday Party with Refuge animals, click on:   http://www.exoticpetrefuge.org.uk/parties

         * Become a Keeper Experience or  have  an Animal Experience

         * Book a Guided Tour or a Photography Day


    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Refuge please email us on exoticpetrefuge@aol.com or call us on 07706999838.